Pettinengo awaits you with its hidden treasures in the Biella hills, surrounded by forests, streams and pasture 750 meters above sea level.

Its wilderness can be savored slowly by foot, bike or on horseback along the ancient trails: find out about the 17th and 18th century wheat mills, later converted in textile factories in the 19th century, namely the “Macchina Brusà”, the former Serra factory now known as “weaver’s cathedral”.

Photographer Clementina Corte, born and raised in Pettinengo in the 19th century, was one of the few women photographers at the time. Her shots capture the story of our town, picturing a women’s world caught between poetry and fantasy.

The three small museums, all of which can be reached by foot, tell the story of the local culture as a moment of human growth and enhancement of the sense of belonging to a community: from the sacredness of water (MUSA)to artisanal labs for the youngest (REIS e PICCOLA FATA) via the story of the people at the Migration Museum.

Artisanal textile products made in the school#lab Arcankio, moisturizers made out of wild herbs of our pasture, chestnut sweets produced in Vaglio and much more: you can buy and taste all of this at the cafe of Villa Piazzo overlooking the Biella hills, the Po valley and the whole Alpine area from Monviso to Adamello.
Come visit us and discover the value of time and togetherness among nature, culture and sport.