For Pacefuturo welcoming a person in need, no matter the color of the skin or nationality, is a moral duty.

Those forced to leave their country of birth, their loved ones and belongings to look for a better future for themselves or their family must find the solidarity of those of us who are currently living in better times (right guaranteed by the signatory states of the Convention of Geneva of 1951).

It is a civilized act for the responsible, social change of our community, not to forget who we are and especially who we were, broadening our cultural perspective from local to globalby promoting new kinds of active citizenship, solidarity and social inclusion.

The welcoming process must originate and develop through local pro-active resources (local associations, private companies, public administration) and must involve all people in need: asylum-seekers or our fellow citizens.

Art such as painting, sculpting, music and theater is an essential and strategic activity for a policy of inclusion and collective growth: Pacefuturo developed the  Refugees Creative Box.

When managed in a virtuous and sustainable way, art becomes the promoter of the so-called generative welfare as well as an important resource of cultural and economic growth for the welcoming community.