The elegant 1800 villa known as Villa Piazzo was named after the hill it’s built on, 750 meters above sea level, dubbed the “Balcony of the Biellese” for the fascinating 360-degree view of the Po valley and the Alps.

It was built in the second half of the 19th century in Pettinengo, 10 km from Biella, the capital of the province.

The villa was owned by the Bellia family, very successful in the local wool industry, before being acquired by the Pavia family in the 1850s. The Pavias, founders of the Liabel brand, donated the villa to the local administration of Pettinengo in the 1880s, to create a welcoming space for the community and all those willing to plan events compatible with the values and the culture of peace, future and conviviality.


Today Villa Piazzo, surrounded by a 25 acre park and adorned by the very first Terzo Paradiso art installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto, is equipped with all that is necessary to welcome and host cultural, educational, convivial and leisure activities:

a hall with a reception and bookshop

cafe-restaurant with direct access to the park

100 seat auditorium-multimedia lecture hall

overnight accommodation at the B&B “La foresteria” in the park


Concerts, conventions, educational campssports camps but also food fairs and markets and welcoming and reintegration activities for vulnerable people are just a few examples of the initiatives promoted by Pacefuturo.