Villa Piazzo is surrounded by an English 25 acre garden, carefully tended by and characterized by a sophisticated drawing which can still be seen today.

The 360 view on the Biella hills ranges from the Po valley to the whole Alpine area from Monviso to Adamello.

The crown jewel of the park of Villa Palazzo, which hosts a Lebanese cedar and three sequoias among its valuable trees, is the art installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto, founding partner of Pacefuturo: l’Orto del Terzo Paradiso,the quality label of our products.

In 2017 we unveiled a fitness project revolving around walkingto avoid stress and cardiovascular disease, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Lastly, other than the vegetable patch, orchard and beehives, the park hosts a playground, football and tennis grounds, a bowling greenand the stables.



The park is home to a section of the Biella horse riding path, the biggest in the area, going from the rice fields to the Alps stopping by Pettinengo: Villa Piazzohosts the stables necessary to treat and rest the horses.

The path begins 230 meters above sea level reaching 1500 in Bielmonte, measuring 200 km in total. The variety of landscapes, from the plain to the Alps, makes the area perfect for riding trips through natural reserves, sanctuaries and small villages. In Pettinengo you will find a 15 km trail fitted with signs, 3 loops all feasible for riding. The stables of Villa Piazzo offers 6 covered stalls and 4 barnsto rest the animals while the riders relax in the park, taste the organic productswe serve in the cafe and sleep in one of the B&B rooms.

No horse? You can ride one of ours: Adrio, Dominique and the ponies Sampey and Carla are waiting for you.

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