ARCANK’IO is a school#lab, a place where values, traditions and knowledge are shared, open and free to all.


Our project aspires to an identity-cultural role; it wishes to be a place of encounter between different cultures and a place to build new emerging cultures, connecting the local and global dimensions.


Artisanal crafts are the socio-cultural intermediaries between different affiliations: learning a craft favors the local rootedness of the immigrants.


Our motto is: Do it – Do it to know – Do it to know how to do it – Do it to know how to have it done.


All of this is made possible by the commitment of our volunteers who donate their skills and time.


ARCANK’IO is a project promoted by Pacefuturo in collaboration with the association Piccola Fata, the association Tessitura e Oltre, the Ecomuseum of pottery of Ronco Biellese with the patronage of the municipality of Pettinengo.