Donate your time and enthusiasm to the right cause: become a Pacefuturo volunteer


Volunteering allows you to test your own skills, develop new ones and meet new people from new cultures.

Volunteering teaches you how to be grateful and stops you from becoming greedy.

Becoming a volunteer changes the perspective…it is a chance of meeting and exchanging, a chance to turn your life around!


We are specifically looking for these volunteers:

English/French interpreters

assistance to Italian language courses

experts in horticulture

accompanying people with their own car


We look forward to meeting you, get in touch, thank you.


Pacefuturo is accredited as a volunteer coordination, hospitality and deployment body within the European Voluntary Service (EVS), Erasmus+ program.

EVS is a unique chance to travel, grow and build quality relationships in Europe working for associations dealing with environment, social inclusion, gender, arts, media and culture and so much more.


What is EVS?

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a program funded by the European Commission (Erasmus+ program) which enables young people aged 17 to 30 to carry out an international volunteer service for a period ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months: an intercultural learning experience in an informal setting, to favor social integration and active participation. Through this experience, the young volunteers can express solidarity and acquire new skills which will be useful for their personal and curricular growth.


Not 30 yet? Would you like to volunteer your time for the right cause? What’s stopping you? Get in touch!