Become a member of Pacefuturo!
concerts and events, labs and courses, film forums, discounts on artisanal products such as scarves, honey and cosmetics and discounts on ceremonies, parties and private events in the rooms and park of Villa Piazzo.

Membership campaign 2017/2018

ORDINARY membership card: €15, guarantees promotions and discounts

SUPPORTER membership card: €50 or more, guarantees promotions and discounts. Extra: a box set of the book “Cattedra dei pacifici” and one acacia or chestnut honey pot (410 grams)

Apply online for the Ordinary or Supporter membership cards.


The MEMBERSHIP CARD entitles you to the following discounts:

use of the first and second floor rooms for private parties, events and ceremonies with a 20% discount on the full price for non-Pettinengo residents

catering service of the cafe-restaurant for private parties, events and ceremonies with a 10% discount

5 to 20% discount on textile lab products, pottery, honey and cosmetics

single discounts or 15 to 30% discount bundle on dinners, parties, events, concerts as well as courses and labs organized by Pacefuturo