L’Orto del Terzo Paradiso” is an art installation by master Michelangelo Pistoletto, resides in the park of Villa Piazzo since 2008. It is the first “Terzo Paradiso” installation by Pistoletto in the whole world.

The idea of the garden, l’orto, brings to mind a space open to others, a place to meet new people and share knowledge.

In the same way, this art installation is not simply for viewing but rather an art concept which becomes cultural and social action: it requires constant care and maintenance rather than preservation. The work looks to the future because it carries time and seasonal change: its future depends on men, wasting away if left alone. L’Orto del Terzo Paradiso, given its representation of the values of “growing and preserving”, also became the quality label of the products of Pacefuturo: honey and preserves.

The garden is a key aspect of the park of Villa Piazzo, a mid-1800s historic English park, characterized by a sophisticated drawing which can still be seen today: large meadows, bushes and some of the largest trees in the Piedmont region. The breathtaking 360 view ranges from the Po valley to the whole Alpine area, from Monviso to Adamello.

Fondazione Pistoletto