Via Gian Battista Maggia 31 – Pettinengo

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The association Piccola Fata promotes educational, social and cultural initiatives with the aim of finding positive aspects in the environment we live in through hospitality and dialogue.

The association works mainly with young people( 6 years old and above) to retrieve and maintain local traditions.

The core of the association’s efforts are the embroidery and weaving schools and the art lab for young children. Once a week, over sixty enthusiast children take part to the specific activities.

The cultural offer is completed by the projects “Scholè” and “Andar per lane”, as well as “Impara l’arte”, an art learning project aimed at adults and lastly a woodwork labfor older children.

The REIS project is an experimental initiative aimed especially at younger generations: the goal is to make them understand the importance of local culture by involving them directly, to grow from a human and social point of view as well as rediscover a sense of belonging to the community. The project is carried out at “Casa della Livia” in Livera, a few steps away from the headquarters of Piccola Fata.