Villa Piazzo is the ideal location for camps and courses lasting from a few days to a week or a month.

The camp sees the participants live together and take part in the same activities in Villa Piazzo: the formula is appropriate for the cultural and social context of Pettinengo, a small town 800 meters above sea level, home to three museums.

Villa Piazzo can host educational or sports camps thanks to its facilities on site (synthetic turf football ground/tennis court) and in town (natural grass football ground, grass training playground and gym). Company-specific courses and team-building activitiescan also be arranged.

Villa Piazzo is the ideal setting for tv shows.



Those taking part in the camps and courses can stay at the B&B “La Foresteria” in single, double or triple rooms or in communal dormitories in the villa itself. The meals (mostly organic and locally grown) are prepared and eaten at the cafe-restaurant of Villa Piazzo.


Campus musicali

Campus formativi